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Herrankukkaro "Mama's pocket" is in the heart of the archipelago, just a half an hour’s drive from downtown Turku. It is a distinctive conference and recreational center built around a fisherman’s homestead. Available for bookings by groups and companies, Herrankukkaro is a must-see, unforgettable year-round destination.

With the world’s largest smoke sauna and outdoor heated baths right along the archipelago shore and dozens of unique conference and dining rooms or private cottage accommodations along the beach, Herrankukkaro is guaranteed to be a singular destination set amidst the natural beauty of the archipelago!

Pentti-Oskari Kangas

Pentti-Oskari Kangas:
founder, CEO

If you do not really believe in your own idea and what it does, then no one will. Attitude, belief in your own idea, and lack of self-criticism are decisive factors.

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