Sauna and baths


The fishing village of Herrankukkaro is also a smoke sauna paradise. Herrankukkaro features the largest underground smoke sauna in the world and, of course, also the world’s smallest smoke sauna! The four different types of smoke saunas represent the thousands of years of tradition of the Finnish invention. There is very little known in the world about the smoke sauna. The smoke sauna is Finnish culture at its most authentic and most enjoyable.

The word for “sauna” in 154 of the world’s languages is “sauna.” The only exception is in Sweden, our neighbors to the west, where the electric sauna is called “bastu.”

Maasavusauna - Underground smoke sauna

Herrankukkaro’s underground smoke sauna is a smoke sauna hut built according to thousands of years of tradition. The sauna is big enough for up to 124 guests at once! It is the biggest underground smoke sauna in the world and it was christened on 10 June, 2001 during a special ceremonial event.

Although the amount of traditional knowledge available to guide the construction of the smoke sauna was meager, judging from the results, it was still a great success. The steam it produces is very oxygen-rich and produces a feeling of well-being. There is a pleasant spot for everyone on the six different levels of benches.

In his three page article, the editor of the English Sunday Express praised the underground smoke sauna as the source of Finnish innovation. The last Nokia cell phone model was presumably designed on the benches of the underground smoke sauna, beamed the globetrotting tourism editor. Herrankukkaro’s underground smoke sauna has gained world-wide acclaim and Yahoo Travel has listed Herrankukkaro’s underground smoke sauna among the world’s most remarkable saunas.

Kyläsavusauna - Village smoke sauna

Herrankukkaro’s village smoke sauna has been built according to Finnish tradition and is intended for small groups. The sauna can accommodate up to 30 people. The steam of the village sauna is unique and individualistic – and like every hot, moist breath in a smoke sauna: always worth the experience.

The village smoke sauna is located in the same area as the heated baths of Kaislikko¬kypylä and the underground smoke sauna.

"Before Finns noticed that they were in paradise, they went to sauna together, regardless of age or gender. Later, mainly as a result of external influences, this practice changed. For us, the sauna has remained a place of morality due to its sacred background, which is based on our ancestors’ beliefs.”