This genuinely unique conference venue offers your company an exotic en-vironment in the midst of nature in the Turku archipelago for day of conferences and recreation.


Herrankukkaro’s surroundings provide the perfect setting for outdoor pursuits and activities. Go on an archipelago adventure to the caves of the bootleg king, go hiking through the rugged archipelago nature or take a boat trip through the labyrinth of islands. The zip-line in the woods will appeal to speed demons and the crofter’s outdoor games in the beautiful nature of the archipelago are fun, social activities that will bring out the child in you.


Herrankukkaro also provides a different kind of culinary experience. We do not use addi-tives, industrially processed raw ingredients or products. Practically speaking, we make almost everything ourselves—starting with our home-baked archipelago bread. It all hap-pens on site in our own kitchen, here and now. Therein lies the secret to our food’s deli-cious taste and wholesomeness.

Sauna and baths

The fishing village of Herrankukkaro is also a smoke sauna paradise. Herrankukkaro features the largest underground smoke sauna in the world and, of course, also the world’s smallest smoke sauna!


Miltä kuulostaisi höyhenen pehmeät unet meren rannalla Mummolan malliin? Herrankukkaron vanhan kalastajatilan erikokoisissa perinnerakennuksissa on majoituspaikkoja kaikkiaan yli sadalle nukkujalle.


Herrankukkaro (“Mama’s Pocket”) is a unique destination, located in the Turku archipelago, in Southwest Finland. The lovely island Airismaa can be reached by car, only three hours’ drive from Helsinki and 40 minutes’ drive from Turku.