Our values

Social and environmental responsibility of our company

-Our mission since nearly three decades

We are natures´ fellows

  • We use renewable energy, wood and wind power
  • We filter and clean the Baltic Sea water for our pool and hot water tubs, and return the cleaned water back to the sea
  • Our buildings are made of wood – renewable and natural material
  • We avoid plastic as much as possible
  • We contribute to stop the climate change by offering sustainable food: organic delicaces and wild food from our forest, from the sea and from the fields in our neighbourhood
  • We prefer fish in our kitchen, as using certain local fishes also helps to approve the water quality of the Baltic Sea
  • The fish is prepared in our own premises, with cold smoke, warm smoke, embers and flames of open fires
  • The nature is a gift for all of us, and we have to take care of the nature. We understand the synergy between us and the nature around us being our great opportunity – and our great love.

Social values

Our company does not only care for the environment, we also put efforts in the social responsibility. Already over 20 years ago, our small family run business was able to create a social project, Lotus Hill in Sri Lanka. There we have built an education centre for disabled students, a house for homeless children, schools, health centres, homes, sanitary facilities, wells, water tanks and water cleaning plants. We have supported poor children by providing shoes to enable them to visit school, by organizing daily meals in the school and by collecting funds for education.

Social values