Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

We would like private rooms and/or just to sleep overnight. Is this possible?

Herrankukkaro is a venue for conferences, training events and recreation, available only by order. Unfortunately we do not offer services to individual travelers or customers at this time. The minimum group size we accept for recreation and party events is ten people. You may inquire with our sales staff regarding meetings and training events for smaller groups.

What sorts of amenities are provided for in the cottages? For example, do they have towels, bedding and other necessities?

Herrankukkaro’s cottages have bedding, towels, soap, shampoo and hair dryers.

We have heard that Herrankukkaro can host conferences and accommodate several groups at the same time. Is the area big and are the distances be-tween the lodgings, meeting facilities, dining area and saunas far?

The buildings on the Herrankukkaro fisherman’s homestead are just a few steps from one another. However, the entire area is arranged in such a way that each group has its own private space.

How does it work with the saunas? Are they shared saunas and are towels provided? We heard that you sometimes have other groups visiting. Do we all go to the sauna at the same time?

Normally we try to reserve a private sauna for each group, or a private sauna time when possible. Small groups share the sauna and pool section with other groups of the same size.Men and women have separate washing and dressing rooms. In the saunas, tubs, and on the deck, guests wear their bathing suits – as well as in the spa. The dressing rooms have towels, swimming suits (if needed), hair dryers, and a shower area with all of the necessary types of soap.

We want to have our conference at Herrankukkaro. Does the old fisherman’s homestead have modern conference equipment?

All of the conference rooms at Herrankukkaro have a WLAN network available to every-one, so you have the convenience of the Internet in all conference rooms, as long as you have a wireless network connection on your laptop. All conference rooms also have mark-ers, pens, notepads, projector screens, flip charts and data projectors.

Is it possible to listen to music in the dining area?

There is a CD player in the dining area and you can bring your own CDs with you. You can also play music in the dining area, for example, with your mobile phone. The Rantasali room has modern audio equipment with speakers. The sound equipment is, however, primarily intended for playing background music. Karaoke, for example, would need to be discussed with our sales staff.

Do you take food allergies into consideration in your meal preparation?

All food at Herrankukkaro is prepared with low-lactose products and all other food allergies which we are informed of in advance will be accommodated in every meal.

We are coming to Herrankukkaro directly from a meeting in Turku and most of us are wearing business suits, but we are going to have outdoor games for our activity. How should we dress for this activity?

We recommend dressing in comfortable shoes and casual apparel for Herrankukkaro. We are also prepared to receive groups coming to us directly from business lunches and ensure that they have a good time, no matter what the weather. At Herrankukkaro we can provide rain gear, warm overalls, coats, boots and other apparel, from gloves to hats.

Is the area equipped for disabled guests, such as those who use wheelchairs or walkers?

Naturally, the village road of the old fisherman’s homestead is not like the smooth asphalt that enables easier movement, but we always strive to take the disabled into consideration. We nonetheless recommend that you discuss this in advance with our sales staff so that we can serve all participants in the best way possible.

Our program at Herrankukkaro begins in the morning, but our accommodations are listed for 5 p.m. Why is that? Where can we put our luggage until we can access our lodgings?

Lodgings are available in the afternoon, so that our cleaning staff has enough time to prepare the cottage for you after the previous guests have left. Our staff will show you where you can store your luggage until you have access to your cottages.

Can we come in our own boat and can we leave the boat at the dock during our event?

Yes, you can. However we recommend asking our sales staff about boat spaces when you book the event.

How does Herrankukkaro implement principles of sustainable development?

We strive to adhere to principles of sustainable development as much as possible. Even the buildings, for example, reflect these principles, as they are all built of wood. We al-ways try to use wild or locally produced food, like Rymättylä’s renowned new potatoes. Additionally, all of the electricity we use is wind-generated.

We want to have a midnight sauna, but we heard that we can’t. Why not?

We want to maintain respect for the magnificent serenity in the archipelago, so we don’t allow saunas or swimming after 10 p.m. That is to say that calm on the shores of the Herrankukkaro area begins at that time. Sound travels very far on quiet waters and we don’t want to disturb others’ enjoyment of the nature and the silence. However, you can continue as late into the night as you want in the dining area that has been reserved for you.

Does Herrankukkaro have a kiosk where you can buy things like alcoholic beverages, soft drinks or souvenirs?

There is a kiosk at Herrankukkaro’s “central square.” You can also buy different kinds of gifts there, such as the magnificent wooden Herrankukkaro mugs. You can also buy there the popular archipelago bread, which is homebaked on-site.

Can we bring our own drinks to Herrankukkaro?

The Herrankukkaro area is fully licensed. Due to alcohol legislation, alcoholic beverages obtained outside of the area may not be brought to Herrankukkaro.

Are pets allowed at Herrankukkaro?

We want to guarantee a comfortable environment for people suffering from allergies, so unfortunately pets are not allowed in the area or in the buildings.

Welcome to Herrankukkaro – the archipelago at its best!